Studio Info

Published Charlotte Designer colliding her passion for Architecture/Design, Fitness and Travel. Work embodies wanderlust, expressing a love for the built environment in contract with the natural.

Awards —

Charlotte Business Journal: Book of List 2017

Excellence in Leadership - NCSU 2013


Education —

 Master of Design in Landscape Architecture, City Design North Carolina State University, Prague Institute

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, Landscape Design North Carolina State University

Minor in Art & Design, Design Studies & Art Studies North Carolina State University

LEED Green Associate - GBCI



Casey Cline's artwork combines her passion for urban design and nature expressed with mixed media art. She takes abstractions from historical icons, cityscapes and landscapes to form her subject matter. Experimentation leads the journey through her artistry.  Her goal is to captivate the viewer imagination with a sense of discovery and wonder.

Casey Cline has a background in Landscape Architecture, Art & Design, and Horticulture having earned her masters and bachelors at North Carolina State University. She also studied City Design at the Prague Institute in the Czech Republic. Through her travels, she has developed a strong passion for how the built environment contrast the natural. Now she works as a designer for an architecture firm in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Do what makes your heart smile. - You are the author of the script you’re living.
— Preston Smiles